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We are a warm, caring, inclusive Cantor MichalJewish congregation in downtown Butler, PA. Our membership is multigenerational and includes many interfaith families. In our services, we seek to blend the innovative with the traditional to reflect the plurality of our worshippers. We are a community of learners (Torah study, Hebrew and other classes, special programming) and "do-ers"(social action projects). Our onegs are to "die for!" Our religious school comprises instruction for grades K through Confirmation and beyond. We are led by our energetic Spiritual Leader, Cantor Michal Gray-Schaffer.


Chris Hood, Co-President Phil Terman, Co-President

A Message from our Vice President Chris Hood & Board Member Phil Terman

Pittsburgh.  Clarion.  Grove City.  Slippery Rock. Saxonburg.  Cranberry Township. Butler. Besides being communities in western Pennsylvania, these areas and others have another significant commonality:  all are residences to members of our B’nai Abraham Congregation

A community of communities, as it were:  a conglomeration of Butler residents who have been members for generations and “outsiders,” those of us who have moved into the area and, yearning for a community with whom we can share our Jewishness, have found a religious home in Butler.   The distance creates a challenge, to overcome the “travel” obstacle—and we all know about winter driving—yet, amazingly, and against the odds, our B’nai Abraham has remained, though small, alive and even, on occasion, thriving.  How many synagogues, in fact, can boast seven B’nai Mitzvahs in a single year? 

Further, how many synagogues can boast of a cantor/spiritual leader so vibrant and creative, particularly in her efforts to involve the synagogue—especially our younger members— in community activities and service? In an age when synagogues, along with other houses of worship, are diminishing, we have the moxie to grow even further.

We hope you will visit us often, both virtually and—especially—gracing us with your presence, at our services, events, Sunday school, and volunteer opportunities.

Our uniqueness, I believe, lies in our very diversity:  that we can be a home for Jews both inside and outside Butler, and that we can welcome the pluralistic nature of the Jewish experience. 

Chris Hood-Vice President

Philip Terman-Board Member





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Join Our Adult Education Classes



in the Wake of Crisis


Dr. Mark Lepore


 Sunday, January 27, 7 p.m.




                                   Crisis can strike us anytime.  

                                   Witness how the Tree of Life tragedy

                                   has affected the Jewish community here and across the world, as well as the          Pittsburgh community at large.

Out grief can affect our ability to do our jobs and daily life tasks.

It can also affect our health.

Dr Mark Lepore is a trained counselor and a volunteer with the Red Cross mental health section.




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1/3 Kabbalah Class: 2 pm
1/4 Shabbat Services 7pm
1/6 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
1/9 Sh'ma Now Class 7pm
1/10 Kabbalah Class 2pm
1/11 Shabbat Services 7pm
1/13 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
1/17 Kabbalah Class: 2 pm
1/18 Shabbat Service 7pm
1/20 Tu'B'Shevat Seder 11am
1/20 Religious School 10am-11am
1/24 Kabbalah Class 2pm
1/25 Shabbat Services 7pm
1/27 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
1/31 Kabbalah Class 2pm
2/1 Shabbat Services 7pm
2/3 Religious School 10am-12:30 pm
2/7 Kabbalah Class 2pm
2/8 Shabbat Services 7pm
2/10 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
2/13 Sh'ma Now Class 7pm
2/14 Kabbalah Class 2pm
2/15 Shabbat Services 7pm
2/17 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
2/21 Kabbalah Class 2pm
2/22 Shabbat Services 7pm
2/24 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
2/28 Kabbalah Class 2pm
3/1 Shabbat Across America Dinner 6pm. Shabbat Service 7pm
3/3 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
3/7 Kabbalah Class 2pm
3/8 Shabbat Service 7pm
3/10 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
3/13 Sh'ma Now Class 7pm
3/14 Kabbalah Class 2pm
3/15 Shabbat Service 7pm
3/17 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
3/21 Kabbalah Class 2pm
3/22 Butler Purim Service & Purimschpiel 7pm / 3rd Annual Purim bake-off to follow
3/24 Religious School 10am-12:30pm
3/28 Kabbalah Class 2pm
3/29 Shabbat Service 7pm
4/7 J-Serve



Attention!  Due to the cold weather, Services for Friday, Feb 1, 2019 will be canceled.

Hope to see you next week!

Good Shabbos!_




Services will be held every Friday night at 7:00 unless noted.